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        Dr. Alicia "Dr. Li" C. Francis-Wiggins is the author of the book Keep It Moving. Buy the bookBuy Keep It Moving Booknow!!! The book is filled with powerful and yet practical information on how to overcome learned behaviors which hinder ones potential and progressions in life. Dr. Li shows you how to live a happy, peaceful, purposeful, and prosperous life. She deals with the negative thoughts, mindsets, and environments which often plague us. The reader is shown how to overcome undesirable traits and enhance his or her lifestyle. Also, Dr. Li provides true testimonials of people who wanted a better lifestyle. With Dr. Li's teaching, instruction, and personal coaching, many were able to adapt a positive mindset and move their lives forward. Join Dr. Li in uplifting and encouraging someone to take control of his or her life and help her share this life changing pledge with everyone:

"Keep It Moving"

From this day on out, I will "Keep It Moving"
By staying in control of my life.
I will not let other people, events, or situations
Make me lose focus on the bigger picture in my life,
Which is being happy, peaceful, purposeful, and prosperous.
I understand that it is up to me on what kind of life I live
No one else has control over my life unless I give them control,
In which I will not do,
Because I love myself too much!
I understand I will be faced with the good, the bad, and the ugly in life,
but no matter what the situation is
I will "Keep It Moving!"
I have a choice to focus on the positive and be positive
Which will influence how happy, peaceful, purposeful and prosperous I am.
Or I have the choice to focus on the negative and be negative
which will only hurt me and hold me back
From being all I can be.
So, I have decided today to take control of my life
"*** Keep It Moving! ***"

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